Broadband delivery across most of the UK is reliant on BT managed phone line infrastructure. Whilst that can work well in urban areas, it presents a significant challenge in rural locations like Strathnairn, as broadband signal strength reduces with distance.

Strathnairn is served by three BT telephone exchanges, with many people too far from their serving exchange to receive a service which meets the demands of modern life.

Our proposed broadband solution is based around Fixed Wireless Access technology. This essentially involves creating a wireless network throughout Strathnairn, which doesn’t rely on legacy BT phone lines. This approach is perfect for Strathnairn for the following two reasons:

1) The natural valley shape means that most properties face into the valley, therefore they can see the network equipment.
2) The relatively low tree clutter means that the percentage coverage is very high.

Fixed Wireless Access technology is used by millions of people around the world and is a safe, reliable and cost effective solution for Strathnairn.

The core backbone of the network will involve creating 18 node locations throughout the area. Each node will consist of a small pole in an elevated position which can see the properties around it. These are not huge mobile phone type masts, they are low profile discrete poles in locations where they will have no aesthetic impact on the surroundings.

Each served property will have a small radio unit installed which will point at one of our transmission nodes. Some example home installations are shown below:

Once installed, users will enjoy speeds of 30Mb/s or more, depending on the package selected. Prices will be in-line with standard broadband, and are expected to be around £29.99 per month for a standard package. As the service doesn’t need a phone line, many people could cancel their BT landline, saving £20/month or more.