Do I need a phone line?

No, the service doesn’t require a phone line, so if you’ve got a good mobile service, you could cancel your copper phone line and save money.

Will everyone within the area be able to get fibre broadband?

We plan to connect as many properties as possible. We expect over 95% of properties within the planned coverate area to served.

What technical support will be available?

Technical support is available from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. The network is monitored 24 x7 and network maintenance is carried out 7 days per week.

Will I be able to continue using my existing ISP and e-mail address?

That will depend on your current ISP. If you have a generic ISP-independent e-mail address such as Hotmail or Gmail, the service will definitely work. If you use an e-mail address from your current ISP (eg. BT), please check with them.

Do I need a firewall and anti-virus software?

The router provided with the service offers some firewall functionality. We also recommend that you use a good quality anti-virus set-up and maintain your computers firewall settings.

What kind of computer do I need?

The service will work with any device connected to the internet using standard Internet Protocol (IP).

Who will install the equipment?

The service is installed by our own installation contractors.

Will you configure my computer for me?

The service will be demonstrated working to you during installation. We wont configure your own equipment on-site, but if you have any connectivity issues, we can talk you through them on the phone.

What happens if the broadband equipment goes wrong?

All faults will be dealt with promptly. If our equipment fails through no fault of your own, we will replace it free of charge.

Will you offer a free trial period?

No. Due to the cost of installation and equipment, we are unable to offer a free trial.

Will I be able to use the service to make phone calls (e.g VoIP)?

Yes, the service support Voice Over Internet Protocol.

Will the service support online gaming?

Yes, the service has low latency and high upstream bandwidth, meaning that online gaming works well.

Can I use a wireless (WiFi) router with your service?

A WiFi router is provided – it allows up to 4 ethernet connections (cabled) and multiple wireless connections simultaneously.

Can I use multiple computers on the same connection?

Yes, the router allows up to 4 ethernet connections (cabled) and multiple wireless connections simultaneously.

How long does the service take to install.

We aim to install clients within 3 weeks.

Does the service support mobile phone boosters such as Vodafone's Sure Signal?

Yes, these services should work well.